Glasses Parts

Incomparably transparent [TSUYA TSURUN]

Lasting transparency, beautiful nose pads

Replacement nose pads for eyeglasses

The much-talked about, super-clear nose pads

Biocompatible resin

Medically specified. Safety and peace of mind.

New stain-resistant material



Amazing transparency

Visible light transparency rate above 85%~90%. As clear as glass. Beautiful, with a luxurious feel.


High ultraviolet and chemical resistances

Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemicals. They can be kept beautiful for a long period, without discoloring.


Not stained by foundation

Highly abrasion and scuff resistant. The surface is smooth and resistant to damage. Stains can be removed easily.

Other Features

  • Does not absorb water or oil easily. It can be kept clean for a long period.
  • The surface is smooth, yet non-slip. The pads won’t move on your nose.
  • Biologically compatible: used in the medical field. Safe for the human body.

Original products made using our nose pads can also be produced.


  • Keep out of reach of infants and children.
  • Only use the products for their intended purposes.
  • They are not edible. Do not put them in your mouth.
  • Be careful not to injure your fingertips when attaching them.
  • Do not store in places 60°C or higher. They may become deformed.
  • Avoid keeping them in highly humid, hot places, to prevent discoloration.
  • If any skin problems occur during or after use, cease use and consult a dermatologist.