Top Message

Our predecessor began operations related to eyewear materials and parts in Osaka before World War II. Upon establishment we moved to Fukui, the industrial center of eyeglasses production, and we have been creating advanced eyeglasses parts since then, responding to the needs of the times.
Our quality and development skills have made us a designated manufacturer for world-leading eyeglasses companies. In January 2015, we established a joint company with companies in France and Hong Kong, advancing our global expansion. We aim to disseminate the manufacturing skills of Japan and Fukui throughout the world by leveraging our world-class technologies.

In January 2017, we renewed our equipment, installing cutting-edge devices in our main factory to commence integrated production of finished products. In January 2019, we merged with a design company to produce eyeglasses frames under our original designs and brand. We will continue endeavoring to improve product quality and delivery management in order to further our advance.

Corporate motto

  • Become a strong trusted company from the society.
  • Become a task for which one sacrificed all employee life.
  • Supply the best product at the conscientiously.