About Us


As indicated by the company name, Tanaka Foresight Inc. aims to be a company that leads the way in the eyeglasses manufacturing industry. The company was founded as an eyewear parts manufacturer, and developed and sold the world-first titan pad arms and bridges. We also commercialized the world's first nose pads made from biodegradable plastics (polylactic acid). We develop products from the user's point of view to rapidly supply items that satisfy market requirements. Our originality and development skills are highly regarded throughout the world, with advanced technologies such as the ultrafine processing of titanium and multi-layer molding of silicon and plastic. Our business has expanded widely to cover Southeast Asian and European countries as well as the United States. We established a plant in Cambodia as the first stage of our business in the ASEAN region, and shifted the production facility in China to a trading firm in order to respond to regional trends. We are consistently launching global strategies for the future.

In recent years, we have been manufacturing not only nose parts but also other eyeglasses frame parts. We have an integrated manufacturing system including welding and polishing, as well as design, planning and marketing departments. In addition, we are now engaged in the final process of marketing: ocular examination, lens manufacturing and fitting, and customer care. Furthermore, we have launched businesses in a wide range of other fields: we are manufacturing outdoor and sporting goods, tableware, medical equipment, and designing and planning other articles.

We hope to be involved in the reconstruction of Japan's manufacturing industry and the revival of Japan as a manufacturing country. Japanese people may be starting to forget that Japan grew via manufacturing, export and the acquisition of foreign funds. We will introduce a prototype of robotic machining arms (end of 2019) to compensate for Japan's labor shortage due to our declining birthrate and population. Using our future foresight, we will aim for the shortening of lead-times and a stable supply of products. We aim to revitalize production in the eyewear-manufacturing prefecture of Fukui.