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One in two people who are wearing a pair of frames is using our company's products.

We at Tanaka Foresight Inc. are product specialists who keep manufacturing a variety of frame parts from the bridge to decoration cable temple for over half a century centered on the pad and the pad arm of glasses since the institution's formation. That share in Japan exceeds 50% and our product is used in one in two of the domestic production frames. Moreover, originality and technology have developed, as the pure titanium pad arm is commercialized for the first time in the world. It has been highly evaluated in the world, and the stage of activity has expanded in the world through Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

You are using the pads you are not aware of.

For instance, corn pad (JAP:PAT/USA:PAT/EU:PAT) that creates the global environment and ecology including "Wave pad" that achieves soft curves based on human engineering has developed and has been manufactured. Moreover, a new titanium elastic material better than plain titanium has been developed and announced. New ideas, original creativity, and high quality technology are always loved in the world as well as in Japan. For over a half century, our company has kept our philosophy to improve our technology and product development, and we have continued to send the name "Tanaka" brand as a "world standard" to our consumers while considering what the suitable product is for them.


More and more factories have moved overseas from Japan.
Nowadays it is common that Japanese products made in Japan are actually made overseas.
In such days we,Tanaka Foresight Inc, have been particular about products "made in Japan" "made in Fukui". As for a slogan of "Manufacturing Revival in Fukui, Japan", our company tries to support vitality in Fukui and produce good products in order to satisfy our users. We are always challenging products "made in Japan."

Technology of Tanaka in the other Industry

Tanaka Foresight Inc. using technology which we have developed by making optical parts, has been trying to modify its technology to silicon or multiple plastic structural molding or titanium processing. Any needs from a small amount of production to mass and low cost production manufactured in our foreign factory and facilities will be possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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Silicon multiple molding

Our company has been producing and selling multi-molded goods for silicon and plastic frames for 20 years. Metal, hard plastic, silicon, and threefold structural molding goods are under production and on sale for silicon. Moreover, we always think about comfort and safety by making parts that come in contact with the skin for more than 40 years. The latest plastic material (biodegradeable Pori lactic acid material, high quality protein mixing plastic products, and photocatelyst coating pad, etc.) has been developed, and it is ecological and deals with allergy problems.

Sophisticated processing of titanium

Our company had used nose pads for titanium frames for the first time in the world. Swaging in various round titanium lines(pure titanium, beta titanium, and titanium, etc), pressing, cutting, tapping, hole making, trimming, spot welding are our strong point. Moreover, a severe test for strength was passed as optical frames (medical equipment). Our customers' every day needs and an aspect of the latest trend is both beyond their satisfaction.