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In 1945 Tanaka Foresight Inc. was established as optical parts manufacturer.
For more than 50 years it has continued to produce the highest grade optical parts in Sabae, Fukui, which is a central area for the optical production. The great advances in technology that Tanaka Foresight Inc. has carried out since it was established has received high acclaim in becoming the designated factory of one of the most powerful manufacturers in the world. The optical pad arm using pure titanium was produced for the first time in the world. Then the business toward Tanaka Foresight Inc. spread around the world all at once. In 1994 the latest computer-controlled system was completed and made it all automation lines answer the needs of the 21st century. In addition, the Cambodia factory started operation to gain a foothold in the ASEAN market and the China manufacturing plant restarted buisness as a merchandising firm setting sights towards the global market. We are strengthning our company structure far seeing the future.

Corporate motto Become a strong trusted company from the society.Become a task for which one sacrificed all employee life.Supply the best product at the conscientiously.

Shotaro Tanaka, Chief Exective Officer

Company name Tanaka Foresight Inc.
Address 4-15,4-choume,Higashi-Sabae City, Fukui prefecture,japan
Phone 81-0778-51-8787
FAX 81-0778-52-8816
Orijinal corporation founded 1945
Date established 1972
Representative Shotaro Tanaka,
Chief Exective Officer
Capital 42,000,000 Yen
Tanaka Foresight
1,108,170,317 Yen
(2017.09 results)
Tanaka Production
5,608,814,034 Yen
(2017.09 results)
Foresight Glasses (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
4,500,000 CNY
(2016 fiscal term ending in December)
Tanaka Foresight (Cambodia) Inc.
660,000 USD
(2016 fiscal term)
Empoyees 23 people
(200 people in our Overseas office)