left. T-06 Cha-iro
right. T-01 Aka-iro
left. T-01 Aka-iro
right. T-02 Kon-iro
left. T-04 Kin-iro
right. T-03 Gin-iro
left. T-05 Momo-iro
right. T-06 Beni-iro

Tsu-bu-ra[ tjúbrˈʌ ](Japanese.)adj.

1, Shape is round and looks kawaii
2, the state of being lovely
◇ She has tubura eyes.

kawaii ≠ cute
kawaii = attractive + lovely + cute, etc

Everyone has each sence of kawaii.
“tsubura” expresses each kawaii for everyone. This brand produced by Japanese in Sabae.